Tuesday, 24 June 2014


I am feeling helpless and angry.  A few days ago the beautiful open air swimming bath in our village was vandalised.  Garbage was tipped from bins and thrown into the pool.  Not being satisfied with that, surrounding benches were also tossed into the water.  The baths are in a large park with beautiful old trees where folk can picnic and enjoy nature.  Many families who cannot afford to go away on holiday use the facility .  The vandals climbed over the fence at night and caused havoc making it necessary to close the baths for several days.  This happened during the school vacation.

Vandalism is defined as malicious, mindless injury to or destruction of public or private property.  

I believe there is an underlying frustration and lack of direction in the minds of these perpetrators.  Peer pressure, alcohol and boredom are probably the main culprits.

I am so grateful to be an artist where boredom is never an issue - where my frustrations can be assuaged by drawing, painting, experimenting with colour and brush strokes.  

Wouldn't it be nice to have art centres where culprits (if caught) would be sent to for a set number of hours.  Paints, brushes and paper would be available for them to vent their feelings and maybe in the end become real artists.

Bad Wörishofen


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