Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Today I almost finished my painting.  Just a few finishing touches - (hopefully, I won't start fiddling!  You have seen my preliminary sketches and this is the result.  I will share it with you when it is completed .  Another three days should do the trick.  

What I really wanted to say today is that it is so important to belong to a group of fellow artists, whether in a physical way or on the internet. I am rather isolated here and the only group available is very into abstract art.  I enjoy seeing what others come up with in that field particularly, my friend Howard Cowdrick.   It is worth taking a look at his videos and his work if your path lead towards the esoteric and abstract forms.   I am a guide on Wetcanvas, a very large and successful website where artists can show their work and get good feedback.

Mums, Dads, friends and family tend to rhapsodise over one's paintings.  This is all very well but unless you are one of the lucky ones, none of these are painters.  Their opinions are very subjective and sometimes not very realistic.
Of course, it is nice to get positive feedback but being part of an artists' community will help you to move along a more successful painting path. 

Get going, join a group.  Doesn't cost a cent, just a little 'bravery'.

Hugs to all those fellow artists and those beginning the adventure into the world of the artist.

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