Sunday, 2 October 2016


I absolutely love urban sketching.  Sitting with my sketchbook and taking in my surroundings is so therapeutic.  I have learned so much about the area where I live, simply by sketching.  One tends to overlook things that are interesting in their own right.  Here are a few of my sketches of local buildings and attractions.  I am now a member of the German Urban Sketchers community and it is so interesting to see the different styles.  Urban sketching is not only for experienced artists.  Anyone can take part , whether you are new to sketching or an old hand.  No one judges you and your sketchbook is yours to enjoy and to experiment.  The more you sketch, the better you become and it is such a joy to watch the progress and see your book filling up with memories. A sketch is far more valuable as a memory than a photo.  It takes time to sketch (even half hour ones like mine) and only a few seconds to take a photo.  

Hope you enjoy these and maybe try some urban sketching yourself.  Urban sketching can also be simply the things that surround you in your home, garden or street.  I have even sketched my breakfast and my feet whilst lying in hospital recently.

The last three were sketched quickly at a vintage airshow in a nearby town.  There were thousands of people (mainly guys!!) and it was difficult to find a space to sketch.  It was fun drawing aircraft for the first time in my life. Not easy but I enjoyed the challenge.

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