Sunday, 21 August 2016


During my painting holiday in Spain, I could not resist painting this lovely Prickly Pear plant.  As a child in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, I was lucky to spend holidays on the farm of my grandparents.  Rolling hills, cattle, sheep and horses were my delight.  The food was always scrumptious and not always that healthy!!!  Fried potatoes and lamb chops were my favourite.  From early morning (watching the cows being milked and feeding the calves) to collecting eggs with Grandmother, to late in the afternoon, I was enjoying the freedom with my cousins. One of the joys was to eat a juicy prickly pear.  The flesh was yummy but the procedure was NOT!!  Covered in tiny fine hairs that stuck into the skin in a very insidious way, peeling one of these was no fun.  One had to wear gloves.  


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