Monday, 13 July 2015


It has been a while since I last posted.  However, I am back again and feeling better so here we go.  

I have just been on a week's painting holiday to a beautiful village not far from Valencia in Spain.  My friends Loli and Harold own a beautiful villa where they offer painting holidays.   The garden is a joy for any painter. It is full of interesting corners where one can sit and sketch or paint.  What a pleasure it is to be with like-minded folks (artists) and to chat about the things that mean a lot to us.  

Loli is a wonderful cook and produces meals that are guaranteed to get one's mouth watering.  Paella, unusual salads and delicious fresh fruits.  

Sue Ford, from England was the tutor for the week and she brought a group of delightful ladies and one gent who are avid followers of her art holidays. Sue is an lovely lady with infinite patience and an excellent artist in her own right.  We had a lot of fun together.  Each day we sketched in various locations.  I do so enjoy line and wash and sat quietly on my own just soaking up the atmosphere and filling my sketchbook with drawings. 

I learned a terrific technique (something I hadn't tried before) - collage with acrylic and line.  My work is shown here. I so enjoyed the process. It was absolutely therapeutic and I intend doing more.

                                          Loli and Harold's lovely villa Las Orguideas
                            where Valencia Painting Holidays take place
                                          Sketches of some of the plants in the
                                          A large and beautiful cactus plant over
                            a small stream.  I loved the rocks.

                                              The church in Benigánim

                            Here is my collage of Valencia.
                            I really loved doing it.


  1. Hello Chammi, I have just found out that you went to the Seychelles, that is one of the three places in the world that I have always wanted to go. I wish I had known that when you were with us at Las Orquideas. I would have pestered you continuously about your visit. Loli has just told me that she knew all about it.
    On your next visit I will interrogate you every day!!!!!!!
    Love and hugs Harold.

  2. Hi Chammi,

    Just having a quick boo at your blog. I hadnt' seen your Valencia paintings. I love the scene of Valencia -- that is the square not far from the hotel we stayed in when we visited. Wonderful sketches, I especially love the scene of the city square. Such a great old city. Such great paella! cheers Colin (Stewart) from WetCanvas.

    1. Thank you very much Colin. Valencia is a beautiful city and it was a joy sketching there. Yummy, my friend Loli who is Spanish makes the best paella ever. Glad these brought back happy memories.