Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Sometimes a painting just comes together.  I have taken so many walks through forests with my little dog Muffin (who is sadly no longer around to enjoy the snow).  

I belong to an artists club near my home and they have two theme exhibitions a year.  The theme for this February is the colour ' RED '.  I thought of various possibilities and suddenly I thought 'red umbrella' and the painting just grew from there. 

I used a limited palette namely, indigo, burnt umber, white, a touch of raw sienna on the dog and of course several reds in the boots and umbrella. It is a large painting 80cms x 60 cms which I feel gives the trees their height and depth. I use Liquitex acrylics which I love for their covering ability and wonderful colours.  I experimented with a painting knife to add texture to the snow and the trees.

 I hope you like this  one. I am happy with the outcome.  Here it is.


I receive a lot of brochures etc. in the mail and I normally send them off to be
recycled.  I also wash away a lot of residue paint on my palette.  I decided to use up the paint and cover the pages of a nice quality thick-papered brochure with this paint.  I now have a really useful 'sketchbook' with different coloured pages to try out thumbnails before painting.  It is also interesting to see how different colours react on different backgrounds.

You can also experiment with various techniques and mixed media.  

Best of all it cost me nothing!!


  1. Lovely picture. Reminds me of walking behind you and Pete with Muffy through the forest in Hamburg one unforgettable holiday :-)

  2. I remember that well too. This painting was sold. I must admit I was a little sad to see it go.