Tuesday, 25 November 2014


Today is misty and chilly and a good day for painting and drawing.  I had just done this pen and wash in my sketchbook a day or two ago and thought it would give you a little giggle.  I am enjoying thinking up captions for my sketches - always with some humour. 

 Our world is so full of brutality, hatred, racialism and everything that causes one to feel helpless and depressed. We cannot change the wider world but we can change the little world around us. The way I can change things is by buying fewer plastic bags.  How about getting a cotton one and decorating it yourself with fabric paints.  Nice way to get your artwork noticed too!! 
I also feel that many elderly folk are lonely and neglected often by their own families.  A visit of maybe half an hour a month could make all the difference to that loneliness. 

We are such a 'throw-away' society.  Do we really have to own the latest model of everything?  My mobile phone is several years old and does the job just fine thank you!!  

It saddens me to see young people with eyes glued to their tablets and i-phones etc, ears plugged and fingers constantly in motion. They are missing the sound of birds, the ocean, the wind through the trees, a glorious sunset,  animals, plants and flowers and sometimes even the sound of each other's voices.

How can we as artists help.  How about the possiblity of giving a few free lessons to the kids in your neighbourhood.  Take them out into a park and dish out some free paper, a few markers or watercolours and let them enjoy a little of the nature to be found around them.

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