Wednesday, 26 November 2014


A girl needs a gay friend.  Most of my life since being a teenager, I have had a gay male friend. The first was when I was seventeen.  His name was Lukas and he came from a very conservative background.  He was an apprentice hairdresser.  I remember when he 'came out', the despair and pain he suffered when his family completely rejected him. Today he has several salons and although he never reconciled with his Dad, he and his Mum and two siblings are a very close family unit.

A gay friend is one who is always there for you through disappoínting love affairs, shopping sprees (always honest) and someone with whom to share a good weepy romantic film. 

I still have gay friends but they are far away.  Well I now have several new ones.  Who would have thought that I would enjoy their friendship in Luxembourg and Bavaria.  Lucky me.

My husband and I are of the opinion that tolerance and acceptance are absolute criteria in a world so full of hatred and bias.  

Keep smiling and don't forget to give someone a good hug today.

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