Wednesday, 22 October 2014


As you can see, I love doing sketches in pen and wash.  This is the ideal medium for my journal and sketch book.  A small watercolour travelling set, one or two waterproof pens in sepia and black and one or two watersoluble pens, a brushpen, watercolour brush and my sketchbook and there you go.

We often have challenges in the Animal and Wildlife forum and this month, this sleepy bear took my fancy.  I was rather short of time as I am getting ready for an exhibition in early November.  However, taking a break from my canvas and paints did me a lot of good. It was back to the old pen and wash and this was the result.

It is pouring with rain here in Bavaria and snow is falling on the mountains. There is no temptation to go out of doors and take a ride on my bicycle to visit the Chinese Running Ducks and the Highland cattle nearby.  It is a good time to get down to good hard work on my easel.


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