Thursday, 10 July 2014


Today we have a rainy day with short bursts of sunshine.  I know as artists that being stuck inside means checking out reference sketches or photos or maybe painting a still life.

Why not try something new.  I used masking tape and taped a landscape format with it on my sitting room window. You can use a portrait format, square, long , even a round porthole - anything you like ! I now had a view through this window of the roofs above our village .  You can either sketch your own particular view freehand or tape a piece of paper over your masking tape window and trace what you see.  The light shining through your paper will make the outline easy to follow. 

Then , just to make things more interesting, paint everything you see through your 'window' in its opposite colour on the colour wheel - in other words, its complement.  

Hope you give it a go and have fun.

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