Thursday, 20 October 2016


There is never a moment when I don't have fun with my sketchbook.  I found this lovely , lively scene in a small town nearby.  An old , old house had been converted into an antique/bric-a-bac shop , reminiscent of those I had experienced in Long Street and Loop Street, in Cape Town , South Africa.  As it was a lovely sunny day, a canopy had been erected and customers were browsing the bits and pieces.  I really enjoyed doing this sketch.  It reminded me of a wonderful man called Bobby who had been involved in this type of activity all his life.  He would have loved some of the items and they would have definitely landed in his small shop called Jinty's Junk in Church Street, Cape Town.

TIP  For those who love sketching as much as I do, there is always a subject
around the corner and even in your own home.  Why not sketch your desk, telephone, computer or the utensils in your kitchen.  You improve with every sketch you do.  I am aiming for a sketch a day next year.  Not sure if I will have the discipline but it is worth a try.  I challenge you to give it a go too!!

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