Friday, 12 September 2014


I went for a nice long ride on my bicycle.  The Algäu (Bavaria) where I live has the most wonderful cycle paths.  I decided to go wherever the bike took me.  One of the loveliest, peaceful places was this small monument.  I spent some time just sketching and enjoying the absolute quiet - just me and the fields and the wind.   It restored my soul. I had been feeling restless and over-extended.  I felt renewed and full of creativity again.  This painting was done of my special place.

I always enjoy my acrylics. They are so forgiving. Make a mistake and you can cover it up with gesso.  I always start with a value sketch, making sure the composition is right - no telephone poles cutting my painting in two!!!! One tends to want to put everything into the painting. My new motto is 'cut out the unnecessary detail'.  It is hard as I am an animal painter and tend to paint in every hair .  I am also setting myself time limits for my work and that helps a lot.  

Everyone seems to want to paint loosely and the in-word is 'painterly'.  However, I have great respect for the amazing realism that some artists manage to produce.  It takes a great deal of concentration , a keen sense of colour and immense technical skills to produce such amazing creations.  

There is no correct way to paint as long as you know the basics, understanding colour, composition and have a little talent.  So, whether you like to paint realism, impressionism or any other 'ism', just enjoy yourself and it will show.

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