Tuesday, 10 June 2014


It is such a hot day here in Bavaria.  My studio is in the cellar (a lot cooler there) where I intend working on a landscape using impressionistic colours and techniques. Should be fun and a challenge.  I will post a work in progress as I totter along.  I have done a few thumbnail sketches to sort out the composition.

I feel when starting any painting, pre-sketches are very important.  Have you ever started a work and discovered the darned thing doesn't fit eg.  the steeple of the church ends up a tiny stick of a thing instead of a nice tall proud pole with a weathercock or a cross on its tip.  Believe me, it is very frustrating and off putting.  

These sketches don't have to be perfect but scribbling in the areas of dark and light tones also helps a lot to give your final painting more umphh!!!

So, off to the cellar. See you.

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